The Most Comprehensive Dream App Available

All the Tools you Need to Help You Understand Your Dreams


Full Featured Dream Journal

Create and maintain an ADVANCED DREAM JOURNAL with many powerful tools. DICTATE your dreams using Apple’s SIRI Dictation tool. If you only remember fragments of your dream, just enter what you remember. Edit or record past dreams anytime.


Interpret as you Write

As you type recognized words are highlighted, then EASILY READ YOUR INTERPRETATIONS with the touch of a button.  


New, Integrative Dream Dictionary

See what ARTEMIDORUS, FREUD, JUNG, HASSE, among others have to say about your dreams! Our proprietary dictionary is a careful curation and recompilation of the most valuable dream interpretations throughout history. With 4100 INTERPRETATIONS (plus related synonyms), gives you, the dreamer, all the right tools to dig deep into your dreams’ meanings!


Great Sharing Tools

SHARE YOUR DREAMS with friends via email, twitter or facebook.  Fancy a particular dream symbol? you can share Dictionary entries via email.


Synchronize and Backup

Easily SYNC UP all your entries among MULTIPLE DEVICES and BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA to be sure you never loose a single journal entry!


Make Favorites

Mark dream journals or dictionary entries as FAVORITES, so that you can easily explore the dreams and symbols that impact you most.


Export at any Time

With Morpheus Dreams you can EASILY EXPORT YOUR JOURNAL as a text format document, allowing you to keep a copy on your computer, edit it as a word document, print it out and more.  You’re never locked in.


Search Everything

Want to find an old dream, a meaningful word or symbol? Easy, Use our SEARCH FUNCTIONS to look for journal entries, favorites and words. It’s all there at your fingertips!


Calendar View

Our CALENDAR keeps track of your entries for you. Just pick a date where you made the entry, open it, and reflect on the dreams of your past. And you can edit them too!


Book View

Love the look of a classic paper journal? Use our signature book flip view, and READ YOUR JOURNAL AS A BOOK.


Customize Your Experience

Customize Morpheus Dreams to fit your needs: set-up a PRIVACY PASSWORD. Set-up an ALARM reminding you to enter your journal. Choose the apperance color, select what elements you want in your deck and choose your start-up page.