Dream Interpretation of Teeth

Our comprehensive and detailed proprietary Interpretation Dictionary has significant depth.  Here is the entry for the subject of Teeth:

There are many associations we might have with teeth, so we need to consider these as well as the surrounding events in the dream.
V Teeth in general can represent your effectiveness, power in life, your aggression or defensiveness.
They are also your ability to ‘chew’ food, representing your ability to assimilate the experiences of your life.
V Teeth falling out: If all your teeth are falling out it often links with feelings about aging, or going through a main transition in your life. Sometimes it also relates to feelings of loss of power. If only a tooth (or just a few) fall out, it may relate to the death of a loved one, and the sorrow we feel for the loss.
V Crowns falling out or injured: there is something you need to attend to urgently.
V Spitting out lots of teeth: sometimes may have similar meaning to teeth falling out. Or it can indicate the need to express something emotionally.
V Tooth being pulled out: we are dealing with some great loss.
V No teeth: sense of lacking power and your ability to defend yourself.
V Swallowing teeth: in woman it usually signifies pregnancy or a wish for one. In men indicates some issue with sex or something that they can’t assimilate.
V Rotten or decaying tooth or teeth: indicates that your health or business is in jeopardy.
V Bad or painful tooth: something is wrong in your feelings or relationships.
V Dirty or poisonous teeth: something is influencing your body, feelings or attitudes.
V Clenched teeth: indicates great tension or emotional pain.
V Brushing your teeth: you need to look out for yourself and your own interests.
V Going to the dentist: you are delaying taking care of something that needs attention.
V Gleaming teeth: signifies happiness and fulfilled wishes.
V Big or small teeth: Big teeth suggest strength, power, or ability to harm, depending on dream. Small teeth show the opposite.
V Canines: represents your ability to defend yourself, or be powerful in the world – particularly for men.
V Dracula type teeth: you are being influenced by someone else or you are trying to control someone else.
V False teeth: feelings of losing power, opportunities or our appearances. It can also indicate something dishonest or fake.