Dream Interpretation of Snakes

Our comprehensive and detailed proprietary Interpretation Dictionary has significant depth.  Here is the entry for the subject of Teeth:

V The snake/serpent represents the force of life, the latent energy and potential within us, the passionate emotions and urges that drive us. As such it can have a destructive or constructive aspect. It may also symbolize temptation or forbidden sexuality.
V If the snake is attacking or biting us, it represents the destructive aspect, our own poisonous thoughts, emotions, fears or habits that harm us. If we feel not afraid of the attack, it may represent surrender to our spirituality.
V If we see a snake biting others it denotes emotional energy turned against oneself or someone else.
V A snake coiling up on us, or a tree, pole etc. but not attacking, has a healing role. We are protected by our own energy and wisdom. The instinctive forces of life are emerging into conscious experience.
V If the snake is coiled around you, crushing you it means that you are being crushed by emotions and straggling with fears (may be your own, or those of others).
V A snake with tail in its mouth symbols the circle of life: birth, growth, reproduction, aging, death and rebirth; the eternal.
V A snake shedding its skin symbolizes a rebirth, something new in us.
V Wearing or seeing the skin of a snake represents protection from illnesses.
V A winged serpent or a crowned or light encircled snake denotes wisdom, real self awareness and maturity.
V Sitting on snake denotes mastery of our instinctive nature.
V Eating a live snake, or a snake in connection with any hole, indicates looking for sexual fulfillment.
V Seeing a snake in the grass indicates danger, people talking behind your back.